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Everything on earth works according to a law.The sun wil rise in a 24 hour time period each time without fail.A woman gives birth to a child in a nine month set time.I will highlight on just two aspects of Ray's Law of Breakthrough for now.1.THE CRASH LANDING STAGE.Richard Branson embarked on a hot air ballon ride in order to promote his then new airline Virgin Atlantic Airlines in the 80s.The ballon crash landed before completing its entire trip but the strategy was a success because the world media featured the inscription on the balloon "Fly Virgin Atlantic Airlines".Have you ever noticed that the most talented music groups once they reach their brilliance stage,they crash land.They are so Brilliant until in which ever direction they try to take they cannot go on anymore.Abba was offered a 100 000000 million dollars to go on a world tour some years ago and they refused.The effects of a crash landing.However,Abba and The Police turned their crash landing into profit.These two music legends enjoy a pension fund or profits from their 70s and 80s songs even today.The purpose of a crash landing is to make us to break into another realm of existence or profits.A comfort zone is not good for someone who is meant to break into a realm or realms that have never been broken into before.Think like someone who is about to tap into a much higher realm in possibilities and in paths untapped by mankind,then you will enjoy any crash landing that comes bearing your name and all that you are about.For most people the crash landing leaves them devastated.When someone loses a business,a car etc,that person cries or will not figure out what to do next.Life is a crash landing.You decide,turn your crash landing into a king's lifestyle like Richard Branson,Abba and The Police or become a pauper.2.PERSISTENCE.Thomas Edison the inventor of the light bulb once said even if i fail thousands of times,i will still keep on trying. For most people,when they were still growing up they were big time lawyers,athletes,musicians,business people etc in their mindsets.The "reality" of life then crept in.Today these people are content with a salary and at times will put up with up to ten bosses in one company that breath down their neck.What happened,was this fate or lack of persistence? I believe that people waste their time here on earth.We have what are called working hours depending on company or country,8am to 6pm.That time is meant for us to be productive and to change our lives for the better.There are people who remain in or create a negative crash landing theme in their lives,they are always sleeping,always looking at what might have been,always complaining.Ray's Law Of Breakthrough is available in the form of a detailed audio book.Access these full topics 1.THE CRASH LANDING DISPENSATION 2.PERSISTENCE 3.THE NO TO FAILURE STRATEGY 4.THE CONTROL MECHANISM.Price:$10.Buy with paypal or bitcoins here BUY NOW
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