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We all live in a results oriented world.Your dad,mom or grand dad at one time or the other experienced the reality of life through the hard nature of a typical boss at work.The boss would say,"Yes i know about your degrees,phds,diplomas and work experience at blue chip companies but i want results",It all depended on the mood of the boss,if he was in a bad mood he would say,"I want results by the end of the day". Welcome to The Law of Results.The Law of Results is presented in four parts and works at corporate,individual and national levels.1.THE WOO STRATEGY.To woo someone is to entice them with the purpose of convincing them or getting them on your side.Many of you men have wooed a woman unto becoming your girlfriend and then your wife.We will now get into the woo strategy.Companies like Coca Cola have become market leaders over the years because they always have a new,exciting advert or promotion at hand.This automatically makes Coca Cola a brand that resides in the concious and sub-concious minds of everyone.As an individual,maybe you are starting out in life,you have to woo your potentail boss,girlfriend etc.You have to be vey nice,calm and calculated in order to win,that is the woo strategy.In the BOs there was what was called The New Romantic Era in music and Britain was leading the pack in releasing pop classic love songs.The groups,singers or bands that brought out these songs to name but a few were Leo Sayer,Wham,Duran Duran,Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music etc.The bottom line is that you have to be a romantic,get people and customers to fall in love with your product,servive,brand,CV and so on.Here is a secret,a great warrior can be very,very soft,a romantic and then become very hard when time and situation permits.You are the one who wants the girl,the job,funding or the biggest market share,be patient,nice,creative and effective, 2,THE TAKE STRATEGY,In life there are people that just take what they want.Alexander The Great,The British Empire in its hey day and so on.The environment that we now live in has changed with the coming of the so called human rights.The point is that a taker is a taker.China is a taker and the country is a global economic giant because of low cost produced products that are sold at a low price,At first some countries complained bitterly but China prevailed,Whatsapp is a company that has mastered the low cost strategy and most people in most nations can afford the whatsapp servive.Taking is not limited only to offering low prices.For many companies it would not be practical to sell at a low price,they would sink and so would many industrial bases across the world.A taker is a unique strategist,in most cases he is already miles ahead when the rest of the people wake up and begin to smell the coffee.3.THE I GET WHAT I DETERMINE AND DESIRE STRATEGY.There are companies and people that got the exact sales or maket share that they set out to get in life.In this part of the teaching,i will not say much because some people will end up with vague and wild imaginations.A person who gets the exact results that he or she wants must have a focus in range and then the means to move in and achieve the desired result.4.EVERY NATION HAS ITS OWN SUCCESS KEY.The Law of Results also works at national level.China has been an exporter of labour for a very long time,a very hard working nation indeed,They figured out how to benefit from their hard work nature and began to manufacture lots of low cost products for the world market.Geographic location,attributes and characteristics in a nation can become the key for the success of that nation.America's cars are left hand driven,America geographically is on the left or west.What does this mean? The same wisdom that was in the east in years gone by is now also in the west.Bill Gates of Microsoft is a man of expressed wisdom and so were Henry Ford the inventor of the motor car,Thomas Edison the inventor of the light bulb etc.Some people say they have wisdom but unlike America they cannot express or manifest the wisdom.Why then is America becoming jobless? Many of the citizens in that nation do not know or do not make full use of their key called INNOVATION,INVENTION and GLOBAL TREND SETTING,Japan is a nation of inventors,they can do more to form partnerships with many people in many countries and have their inventions in the form of products manufactured all around the world boosting Japan's fortunes.The Japanese are already doing this but a specific plan of action called EXPORTING INVENTION will bring more results.Germany represents the brilliance of man.Albert Einstein,Mercedes Benz,BMW etc,the Germans could do more in putting their brilliance in their youths....This article is a program of SPONSOR A TALENT.Sponsor writer Raymond Mafukidze so that he can write about more nations identifying keys.Sponsor through BITCOINS PAYEER Account Number P38661061 PERFECT MONEY Account Number U13193373

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